CODECT is a cost per action web service for detecting Covid-19 infections by means of AI-based data analysis of blood counts. CODECT intends to support lab physicians in their diagnostic findings.
Access to CODECT
  1. Request a CODECT user account at the Division Optimization of Fraunhofer ITWM.
  2. Purchase capacities for data analysis for your user account.
  1. Login to your CODECT user account.
  2. To upload blood counts for analysis, click on "Load data ...", select your data in the file dialog and specify the data format in use. After a successful upload, the invalid data lines appear to the left of the user interface and the valid patient datasets to the right.
  3. To analyse uploaded blood counts, click on "Analyze data ..." and confirm the required charge to your account balance. After a successful data analysis, the results appear to the right of user interface.
  4. To export results of analysis, click on "Export data ..." and enter a file name and location.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 upon demand. After completing all analytic jobs, logout from your account.